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Stanford offers numerous opportunities for students to travel off-campus to complement and strengthen the learning they do on-campus: internships, study abroad, research, public service (and so on) but it’s not always easy to find out about them, keep up with the deadlines and requirements, or even apply for them. Our goal is to make it easy for students to find opportunities, apply, and prepare for international travel if applicable. 

The Office of International Affairs launched Stanford Off-campus Learning Opportunities (SOLO) as part of an initiative to simplify the search, application and travel preparation for off-campus learning opportunities. SOLO also reduces the administrative burden incurred by the staff who manage these opportunities and provides better data for program- to university-level leadership to develop these opportunities.

Integration with Student Records

SOLO is integrated with existing student records in Stanford systems thanks to Middleware and Integration Services. This enables the site to auto-populate basic student information so that students can save time upon applying and ensures the university has consistent data.

Continuous Enhancement through Stakeholder Engagement

Stanford Off-campus Learning Opportunities is under active development, and we are continuously working to improve.  Part of our success lies in building an application management system that works for staff as well as students and faculty. We do this by inviting the staff who manage opportunities to explain their workflows, share best practices and help us prioritize what we should build next. We are not just building an application management system and a pre-travel preparation tool. We are building a university-wide team of university partners who can exchange best practices and find solutions to challenges together.

We also engage students and other end-users to receive feedback so we can provide the best possible user experience. For a shortlist of some of the features that might streamline your work, please see below. Any Stanford unit that wishes to partner with us and post here can reach us at

If you are a student and need help with your application on SOLO, please reach out to the contact person listed on the Opportunity announcement you are applying for. 

Shortlist of what a manager of a Stanford Off-Campus Learning Opportunity can do on SOLO:

  • Announce a student opportunity
  • Collect applications, including recommendation letters
  • Manage review & selection process
  • Award / Decline, notify
  • Create and assign lists of pre-travel steps for awardees to complete
  • Get reports on opportunities you manage 

In addition to this, the tool allows you to work with others on your team whether they are in your unit or beyond.